2024 Olympia area Youth Cross-Country Race

Date: Wednesday, September 25th, 2024

Time: 5:00 PM boys, 5:15 PM girls

Registration: Teams, please register your athletes in athletic.netIndividuals who are not registered with a team through athletic.net are welcome to sign up at the race (please show up by 4:30 PM on race day to register) in the northeast corner of the park at the picnic table by the main parking lot.

Location: LBA Park

Distance: 1.0 mile

Cost: FREE

Who can compete? Anyone 8th grade and younger (prizes for top finishers, but records are kept for each grade level -- see below)

Overall Course Records: Male: Quenton Lanese (BPS) 4:57.3   10/6/2022  

                Female: Maddy Ingram (NCA) 5:43.0    9/10/2019

For more information email Jesse Stevick  (runner@runoly.com)

*runners younger than 6th grade are more than welcome to race as well, but there are no separate awards; course records are kept for each grade (if you have times from previous years that have been omitted from this list, please let me know and they can be updated; some grades were not recorded on the results the last two years)

1.0 Mile Course Records (by grade)

Some grades were not recorded at registration. If you see a new record that isn't recorded, please email runner@runoly.com


3 yo Wesley Stevick       11:20       2012

K Owen Watkins        8:34 2009

1st  Drew Prentice  7:37         2021

2nd Quenton Lanese     6:51 2018

3rd Quenton Lanese       5:47        2019

   4th Wesley Stevick        6:19 2018

5th  Quenton Lanese 5:03  2021

6th   Quenton Lanese   4:57 2022

7th Quenton Lanese 5:24 2023

8th Jae Walz           5:14 2022


3yo Gemma Stevick             12:48       2014

4yo  Maiya Alongi                9:54         2010

  K  Gretl Stevick                    8:28       2023

1st Matea Stevick 8:31 2023

2nd Clara Mackison                 7:09       2014

3rd Ginger Stevick              6:52        2022

4th Ginger Stevick               6:46         2023

5th Kat Copeland                  6:13 2009

6th  Kat Copeland                 5:51        2010

7th Maddie Ingram 5:43 2019

8th Ruby Henry 6:04 2022



1.7Quenton Lanese5:24.0Washington
2.7James Levitt5:24.5Reeves Middle
3.7Tai Taylor5:37.5Reeves Middle
4.8Dylan Shaughnessy5:44.0Washington
5.7Quin Walz5:49.5Jefferson
6.8Maxwell Cutts5:51.8Washington
7.7Ayman Al-Sidawi5:55.1Washington
8.8Andrew Dewitt5:56.2Washington
9.8Lazarus McEwen6:00.5Marshall
10.6Jasper York6:05.8Marshall
11.8Carter Christensen6:07.5Barron Park Striders
12.7Demetri Barksdale6:12.3Reeves Middle
13.6Kasen Gilmore6:12.4Washington
14.8Jerry Yen6:16.2Washington
15.7Calvin Cheatheam6:18.8Jefferson
16.6Oliver Kim6:22.4Jefferson
17.8Isaac Zwiefel6:24.6Griffin
18.8Nash Freiheit6:27.2Marshall
19.6Casey Wu6:29.7Jefferson
20.8Declan Culley6:30.0Jefferson
21.7Daniel Frazier6:31.5Reeves Middle
22.7Elijah Ninnis6:32.3Barron Park Striders
23.8Levi Zeitlin6:32.8Washington
24.7Evan Valderrama6:34.9Washington
25.8Casper DeJarnatt6:35.4Reeves Middle
26.6Brian Yen6:37.9Washington
27.8Evan Jolliff6:38.2Washington
28.7Tyler Lattin6:39.1Marshall
29.7Andrew Nyhammer6:39.4Marshall
30.3Graham Ruder6:39.7Barron Park Striders
31.7Ashton Carter6:41.1Marshall
32.7Cole Eppert6:42.3Jefferson
33.7Noah Capra6:43.5Reeves Middle
34.7Benjamin Ge6:44.6Washington
35.8Mason Laneer6:45.6Griffin
36.3Drew Prentice6:46.3Barron Park Striders
37.5Isaiah Beck6:47.0Evergreen Christian
38.6Paxton Price6:48.6Washington
39.7Ryder Hunter6:51.5Reeves Middle
40.7Preston Kohn6:54.4Washington
41.6Owen Niess6:55.6Washington
42.8Thacher Brombach6:56.3Jefferson
43.6Samuel Annis6:58.2Barron Park Striders
44.7Nathaniel Howell7:00.6Washington
45.6August Pruit7:01.6Washington
46.6Bowen Sembroski7:04.5Washington
47.6Tristyn Brown7:06.1Washington
48.6Joseph Furtick7:06.6Marshall
49.6Alex Oram7:08.7Reeves Middle
50.6Ike Nelson7:09.8Washington
51.6Archer Smith7:10.0Washington
52.7Hendrix Haun7:11.9Washington
53.6Ellis Bowden7:18.1Washington
54.6Jude Adigun7:22.6Washington
55.5Parker Richeson7:23.3Evergreen Christian
56.6Samuel Thurston7:23.6Marshall
57.6Ulysses Zarate7:25.7Washington
58.8Preston Le7:27.1Jefferson
59.2Wendell Stevick7:27.8Barron Park Striders
60.7Ethan Buchanan7:28.8Reeves Middle
61.7Ethan Latimer7:31.9Reeves Middle
62.6Finn Schissel7:32.6Washington
63.5Ethan Paasch7:33.2Evergreen Christian
64.2Jameson Stevick7:33.5Barron Park Striders
65.7Sawyer Zuchowski7:37.4Reeves Middle
66.6Lennox Crabtree7:37.6Washington
67.6Henry Costello7:38.0Jefferson
68.7Declan Keller7:38.5Griffin
69.6Keaton Golob7:39.8Washington
70.4Jacob Annis7:40.5Barron Park Striders
71.2Luke Bergman7:42.3Barron Park Striders
72.8Caleb Cook7:44.6Griffin
73.6Ezra Swedberg7:49.3Washington
74.4Rowen Specht7:53.6Barron Park Striders
75.7Declan Brien7:54.6Marshall
76.6Anderson Obeng7:54.8Washington
77.6Ethan Vu7:57.0Jefferson
78.8Justin Le8:01.3Jefferson
79.4Xander Wheeler8:01.8Barron Park Striders
80.7Maxim Makhlouf8:06.2Marshall
81.6Gage Tedder-Hall8:08.6Marshall
82.4Avery Palm8:10.0Barron Park Striders
83.6Kosta Taylor8:18.0Griffin
84.6Jaxson Morgan8:19.4Griffin
85.7Jack McConnell8:21.5Reeves Middle
86.6Finn Weinnig8:22.6Marshall
87.6Max Graunke8:30.1Griffin
88.3Josiah Koehn8:31.0Barron Park Striders
89.2Leland Hoy8:32.1Barron Park Striders
90.7Ishaan Anoop8:32.9Jefferson
91.1Jonah Zeitlin8:33.6Barron Park Striders
92.5Lee Walz8:36.7Barron Park Striders
93.6Mikah Nelson8:39.8Marshall
94.6James Clinton8:41.4Washington
95.7Landon Baker8:42.0Washington
96.7Isaac Qiu8:45.3Washington
97.6Aaiden Sylva8:52.2Reeves Middle
98.6Jacob Garcia8:59.9Griffin
99.6Alexander Morgan9:02.4Evergreen Christian
100.6Adam Cheley9:05.1Marshall
101.6Kimball Olson9:14.4Reeves Middle
102.-unknown unknown9:22.3unattached
103.7Joseph Charette9:24.8Washington
104.7Gabriel Baffoe9:25.4Reeves Middle
105.7Rogue Villani9:30.8Washington
106.7Sungju Han9:35.0Marshall
107.1Liam Palm9:36.0Barron Park Striders
108.7Alan Salazar9:36.2Marshall
109.6Kade Hoffman9:47.4Jefferson
110.2Theo Prentice9:48.1Barron Park Striders
111.7Jacob Husmann10:02.6Jefferson
112.6Miles Stengel10:16.4Jefferson
113.unknown unknown10:23.9unattached
114.7Cole Krauss10:24.1Jefferson
115.6Kipton Goff10:32.9Washington
116.7August Benck10:37.1Reeves Middle
117.7Connor Glassford10:40.7Reeves Middle
118.7Liam Welty10:50.0Marshall
119.unknown unknown10:54.5unattached
120.6Peter Olmstead11:11.4Reeves Middle
121.7Zephyr Ferrari11:22.5Reeves Middle
122.6Tenzin Minyaktsang11:26.6Jefferson
123.6Edward Chan11:49.3Washington
124.6River Springhart12:01.4Jefferson
125.6Nathan Goldenberg13:11.6Reeves Middle
1.        7                   Caitlin Lanese

2.8Sofia Dunlap6:22.7Reeves Middle
3.7Leah Hennen6:27.3Jefferson
4.7Evan Lopez6:28.4Washington
5.7Gemma Stevick6:42.9Washington
6.7Cayden Rowswell6:44.6Washington
7.4Ginger Stevick6:46.2Barron Park Striders
8.7Escher Arslanian6:46.9Marshall
9.4Norelle Price6:47.9Barron Park Striders
10.7Jennifer Diallo6:48.2Washington
11.8Evelyn Dubois6:50.5Reeves Middle
12.7Eliza Johnson7:03.0Washington
13.6Sophie Womack7:04.9Jefferson
14.8Ky Whittaker7:10.9Reeves Middle
15.6Ginger Womack7:20.6Jefferson
16.7Amelia Lehman7:20.8Washington
17.6Grace Bielawski7:23.9Washington
18.6Augusta Green7:26.5Washington
19.4Quinn Furubotten7:27.1Barron Park Striders
20.6Kai Higgins7:29.8Reeves Middle
21.6Eve Hoy7:32.2Barron Park Striders
22.6Sophia Ngo7:35.6Marshall
23.6Ameeyla Keesler7:38.6Griffin
24.5Miri Hoy7:40.0Barron Park Striders
25.7Addison Draper7:40.4Washington
26.6Isla Powell7:40.7Marshall
27.5Mae Bramwell7:45.7Barron Park Striders
28.8Olivia Boulay7:45.9Washington
29.6Braxtyn Fisher7:46.4Washington
30.6Vera Smith7:47.1Reeves Middle
31.7Natalie Songroth7:47.4Evergreen Christian
32.6Emma Lamont7:47.8Marshall
33.7Elise Monroe7:48.1Jefferson
34.2Petra Stevick7:48.7Barron Park Striders
35.8Leah Buchanan7:49.1Reeves Middle
36.4Sophia Christensen7:50.1Barron Park Striders
37.7Gillian Craig7:50.8Jefferson
38.5Gloria Koehn7:51.6Barron Park Striders
39.8America Gregorio7:52.4Washington
40.6Emma Henry7:53.0Washington
41.8Piper Leisinger7:55.4Washington
42.7Sarah Chu7:55.9Jefferson
43.3Haunalei Ninnis7:59.4Barron Park Striders
44.6Betsy Bradel8:00.2Jefferson
45.6Noelle Rodriguez8:00.5Reeves Middle
46.8Anabel Liberty8:03.9Reeves Middle
47.2Esther Ninnis